Friday, September 01, 2006


I am prasanth from Erode,Tamilnadu,India..
I wish to open a new blog related to "Theyyam" in Malabar area(Kerala) especially in
Kannur,Kasaragod Districts.. Now I am doing MCA at Sree Amman Arts & Science College, Erode.. My proper place is Trikarpur in Kasaragod District,Kerala..
Currently I am going on with collecting the data about "Theyyam". Shortly I will publish all data related to "Theyyam" daily.. I thing that it is very essential and useful for all off..
My aim through this feature is to spread the data about "Theyyam" in all over the world.. Also I request to you that, if any mistakes or any other problems are arise,please pardon to me..
Also I am a Indian. I have lot of problems for using English language. I am not good in English language. So if arise any grammar mistake and spelling mistake, please pardon to me..
yours prasanth